The School Admission Arrangements will be republished annually (for up to seven years) unless the Academy Trust Governors propose any changes to local policy or practice, in which case a formal public consultation will be undertaken prior to the issue of new admission arrangements.

These admission arrangements fully comply with the 2014 School Admissions Code as issued by the Department for Education. Objections on grounds of non-compliance with statutory requirement or 'reasonableness' may be lodged with the Education Funding Agency:

By letter post: Academies Central Unit, Education Funding Agency, 8th floor, Earlsdon Park, Butts Road, Coventry CV1 3BH.

For further information please see the documents below.


2017-18 Admission Arrangements

Following a statutory public consultation and final approval by the Academy Trust Governors, the 2017-18 Admission Arrangements are now formally published and set out below. These arrangements will apply for all admission applications in connection with the 2017-18 academic year and will not be altered unless for matters of legal compliance. A review of these Admission Arrangements will take place during October 2016.


2018-19 Admission Arrangements

Please click on the documents below for the 2018-19 Admission Arrangements and Appendices.


2019-20 Admission Arrangements

Please click on the documents below for the 2019-20 Admission Arrangements and Appendices.