We aim to produce citizens of the world. We want our children to be confident, able people, who possess a sense of personal duty to the community in which they live. We believe that our children should be free to develop their talents and become leaders, both in school and the wider world. 

We will work hard to ensure our children have a clear sense of moral purpose, through which they see and understand the world around them. They will willingly take responsibility for providing an academic, creative, social and sporting lead, for their peers in school and outside.

Aims of the Behaviour Policy

The whole school behaviour policy aims to:

  • Ensure a calm atmosphere in which children and adults can learn, work and socialise,
  • Help children become self-disciplined members of their community,
  • Increase children’s awareness of and responsibility towards the needs and rights of others,
  • Ensure that every member of the school community is valued.

Behaviour and attitudes we encourage

  • Respect for each other, ourselves, the environment,
  • Understanding, tolerance and acceptance of others,
  • Mutual care, consideration, thoughtfulness, courtesy,
  • Co-operation and willingness to share,
  • Self-discipline: taking responsibility for our own actions,
  • Regular or improving attendance.

 Behaviour we discourage

  • Physical aggression and bullying including cyber bullying,
  • Verbal aggression, including racist and homophobic comments, threatening, name-calling, lying, defiance,
  • Theft and vandalism,
  • Other antisocial behaviour, eg. spitting, teasing, interfering with other people’s work,
  • Misuse of space, equipment or materials,
  • Rudeness and discourtesy,
  • Comments based on a person’s religious belief, physical appearance, disability or gender identity.