Richard Huish Trust (RHT)


On 1 April 2019 North Town Academy Trust changed from a Stand-alone Academy Trust to become the fifth school in the Richard Huish Trust (RHT), joining North Curry Church of England Primary School, West Buckland Primary School, Nerrols Primary School and The Taunton Academy.

As a Single Academy Trust since 2011, we have been diligently evaluating the opportunity and necessity to join or create a Multi-Academy-Trust since 2016, as governments and ministers wavered from a forced academisation strategy to one where only failing schools were required to join a MAT. During that time we have discussed a number of opportunities, but none felt right, until we were approached by John Abbot of the RHT.

John Abbott: “I have been very impressed with North Town and have always felt the school would fit really well within the Richard Huish Multi Academy Trust. It’s forward thinking in its outlook and has aspirations which match those we aspire to achieve for all the schools we sponsor. This was cemented by the news that North Town has won two awards - for respecting children’s rights and for commitment to the development of sport - both of which chime exactly with our core aims.”

“In addition to this, the fact that the current deputy head, Rhian Locker, is due to take over the running of our brand new primary school Nerrols Primary in September means we can continue to build links between Richard Huish and North Town, ensuring that we all come together to achieve the highest possible education standards for the children of Taunton.”

We are excited about this opportunity. The RHT has a great vision for schools in Taunton and this move can only bring huge advantages to our pupils and all pupils in the MAT.

What does this mean for the children at North Town?

Since we became an academy in August 2011, North Town Academy Trust has successfully delivered on our vision and aims to produce citizens of the world and inspire our children to be confident, able people, who possess a sense of personal duty to the community in which they live.

As our relationship with the other schools in the RHT and the Richard Huish College matures, we hope to benefit from a number of opportunities that will improve and enhance what we are already delivering.

So on Monday 1 April the school will look the same, our staff will look the same, our Governors will be the same, our uniform will look the same and most importantly our desire to deliver on our vision and aims will be the same.

We go into this new relationship with a view to the potential opportunities that it could deliver for all at North Town.

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