School Meals


Coronavirus Update

Thank you for your patience and understanding with regard the school meals currently being offered. We would rather not be serving packed lunches, however we need to ensure that the school meals being offered can be freshly prepared on a daily basis by a maximum of 2 catering staff and can be served and eaten by the children in the times they have to do so. This has meant us offering ‘simple’ options to start with. Over the next few weeks, as we and the children get used to the new norm, we hope to introduce more options.

Please be assured there are plenty of spare fresh fruit and vegetables on offer each day.

Update - 18/01/2018

We had our second Food Hygiene Inspection this week and the great news is that we have maintained our food hygiene rating of 5, well done again to Emma and her team!


Update - 17/10/2018

Our kitchen was audited last week are here's what the auditor had to say:

"The food safety arrangements in this kitchen are exceptional!"
"..there is no more that the team can do to protect the children and the school".

Well done and thank you to Emma and her team!


Update - 30/11/2017

We have just circulated our menu for January and February 2018, which includes some new winter warmers including pork sausage toad in the hole and chicken and vegetable pie. We have also listened to feedback regarding our vegetarian offerings and are pleased to announce the introduction of a number of new non-Quorn dishes including cheese, vegetable and cranberry tart and veggie hot pot.

As always if you have any feedback for the kitchen Emma would love to hear from you, you can contact Emma on


Update - 15/06/2017

Just a quick update ref. next year’s menu. We have now finalised the menu and are very excited by what the menu will offer pupils, I am hoping we have managed to combine the old favourites with new exciting dishes such as the All Day Breakfast, Pizzas, Fajitas, Enchiladas and BBQ chicken. We are also working hard with local suppliers with regard sourcing local, quality ingredients, to ensure we only use fresh, seasonal & local produce when seasons allow. 

The menu for the first term of 2017/2018 will go out on or around the 28th June. These menus will be paper based, which will need completing and returning to the office by the 5th July.

Term 2's menu will then go out via ParentMail with parents being able to complete their order online using the new North Town ParentMail smart phone app and pay online via ParentMail. Hopefully not only making the ordering experience more streamlined for parents but also saving the school money on printing and time processing payments etc. - savings which we will then be able to spend elsewhere in school!

We are also introducing these chaps….more news to follow soon.



Update - 05/05/2017

Firstly I’d like to thank parents for their helping to make the transition from Millennium Catering to North Town catering a smooth and relatively simple transition.

We are now in the process of starting to plan our first real North Town menus which will be offered when our pupils return in September. Emma, our kitchen manager, has been very busy meeting with pupils to discuss what they would like to see on the menu and they have generated some excellent ideas – which weren’t all chip related! In the next week or so we will be sending out a ParentMail survey to all parents and carers asking for their feedback on the service we provide and asking for any ideas moving forward.

In the meantime I am pleased to announce that we have had our first Food Hygiene Inspection and have been awarded the top rating of “5 – Very Good” for our food safety and hygiene. 

Well done to Emma and her team!




From the 1st April 2017 the current catering arrangements at North Town will transition from Millennium Catering to North Town Academy Trust. 

The school has employed the services of Millennium Caterings Regional Manager to help the school make the transition as seamless as possible for staff, parents and most importantly our pupils. 

For the remainder of this academic year we aren’t anticipating any major changes to the way in which the school arrange or serve school meals – our lovely catering staff will remain the same, menus will by the same (albeit with different payment details) and the way in which parents order meals will remain the same. 

Moving forward we are planning on introducing a variety of changes which we expect to improve not just the eating experience of our pupils but also the way in which parents order and pay for their child’s meal. 

In the meantime North Town Primary School would like to thank Leighton & Pat from Millennium Catering for all their help and support over the years and wish them a very happy retirement.

The contact numbers will change from the 1st April from Millenium Catering to North Town, as below:

Contact: Emma Fisk
Telephone: 01823 255094