Parent Testimonials


What our parents say about our nursery:

"My son is quite shy and had never been to a childcare setting before he started at Northtown nursery. We received so much support with settling him in right from the first enquiry phone call. Jo and ALL the team have always gone above and beyond to make my son and myself feel comfortable. Since he settled in amazingly he has loved going to nursery and making new friends. They provide such great activities for the children to play and learn and the outside space is superb" - April 2020

"Our family loves the North Town Nursery. Both our boys (4 and 2yrs old) are going there and they have so much fun while learning every day. The nursery isn't too big so it feels really personal and not too overwhelming for the kids. Our boys made friends and we always get feedback about how their day has been or if there are any concerns. The key workers always call us straight away if one of the boys got hurt or isn't well. The staff are so lovely and really go above and beyond.The tapestry page is great and keeps us updated with lots of pictures which is lovely. I highly recommend the nursery!" - April 2020

"Both our boys attend North town nursery and love it! Our eldest son was very shy and quiet when he started and they have helped him grown into a lovely confident child. They both have difficulties with their speech and the support the staff give them has been amazing. They share pictures and information on what the boys do each day on line which is lovely for us to see and has made it a lot easier to be involved in the boys learning as they can't tell us what they have been doing. The boys love all the different activities the team arrange as well as the fantastic garden and learning area outside. Wonderful nursery, so happy our boys are there" - April 2020

"Our son started at North Town Nursery at 2 years old. As an only child we were concerned how well he would socialise. The staff at the nursery were so encouraging, he soon made lots of friends & began to move away from the adults. Over the last year & a half, we have watched our little man grow in confidence, & develope as a person, learning so many skills. This is due to the gentle supportive way the staff have provided him with ways to challenge himself, & discover what he is capable of. The nursery has also given us as a family plenty of advice and guidance on how we can continue his education at home" - April 2020

"My daughter attended nursery since she turned two and is now about to embark on her North Town school adventure. In that time, we’ve all loved being a part of the North Town nursery family. The staff are all so friendly, warm and caring and very approachable. The nursery was always a hive of fun, creative and educational activity.  I loved receiving regular updates both verbally and online how my daughter was getting on and tips and advice on a range of subjects. My daughter loved attending, made lots of lovely friends and was very happy at North Town Nursery" - May 2020

"Northtown Nursery has been a wonderful choice for our daughter, she was 2 when she first started & from the start we have always felt completely confident that she is receiving the best care & suitable education for her age. I really appreciate the clear flow of communication both directly with her key workers & via their communication platform tapestry which lets me follow her daily activities when she’s there. As a result she absolutely loves going & thrives in the fun & safe environment they provide. We are really proud of the progress she has made over the past year & look forward to the year ahead. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Northtown Nursery to anyone looking for the perfect nursery for their child" - May 2020 

"Our son started to attend North Town Nursery in November and attends nursery 2 times per week. Then what the staff members in North Town nursery did we thought was impossible.  Our son changed after each session. He has shown amazing progress since he started to attend this nursery. Our son has Speech and Language difficulties. Since he attended North Town nursery he started to speak much more, he started to build sentences, and he can finally answer questions.  He no longer becomes frustrated, and he tries to explain what the problem as and when he is not happy.  My husband and I are indescribably grateful for the work that the staff in North Town nursery have done with our son" - June 2020