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A very warm welcome to the fabulous 3DH!

Our class is a calm, kind and friendly space where everyone is valued and supported in their development as learners and as young people.

We look after each other and the world around us, doing our best to be responsible citizens of our school, our local area and the global community. We are interested in other people and places, asking questions and taking action when we see something that we would like to change. We know that our choices matter and that we can make a difference.

We are thoughtful, inquisitive and enthusiastic learners, who enjoy the satisfaction of increasing independence as well as the feeling of collaboration when we work with others. We have high standards and take pride in our work. At the same time, we understand that mistakes and challenges are part of learning, so we are patient and persevere if things don’t go quite to plan.

Whatever we are doing, we listen to and support each other. We are a happy and caring group who have a year of exciting discoveries and opportunities to enjoy!