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A very warm welcome to 4EF!

In our classroom, we look after each other and make each other feel cared for and valued, as friends and learners. We always try to be kind and helpful and make sure nobody ever feels left out.

We also like to listen to and support each other, work hard and learn new things.

Something we pride ourselves on is our work ethic and we always try our best, even when the work is tough. We like to ask questions and be inquisitive in our learning and are not worried about making too many mistakes as we know this is all part of our learning.

We enjoy working independently and in collaboration with each other, with partners and bigger groups. Working in groups helps us to understand the value of teamwork and allows us to learn from each other.

Finally, we understand that is always important to have fun in our learning, so make sure to join us on Class Dojo so that you don’t miss a minute of it!