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A very warm welcome to New Rock Pippins. Our class is a calm and friendly environment full of happiness, laughter and fun!

In Pippins, PLAY is our work! We are curious and learn by actively engaging in our environment and exploring the world around us. Communication and Language takes a central role in all we do. We spend time learning both inside and outside the classroom, building independence, asking questions, and making links through our first-hand experiences and play-based learning.

We put a strong emphasis on building friendships and developing positive and respectful relationships. We are kind to each other and feel valued, listened to and cared for. We share our individual interests and celebrate each other’s talents and successes! We recognise that when we feel safe and happy our best learning can take place.

This year, we will be busy building the foundations for reading and writing through phonics and developing a deeper understanding of early number skills. Our project-based learning will support us to broaden our vocabulary and widen our interests using quality stories and texts.

Parents and carers can share our learning journey and follow our adventures by joining our Class Dojo and Seesaw pages.