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Learning and Development

Learning and Development

Learning and Development

Learning and Development

2 year olds start their journey of education by settling in supported by a key person and exploring the nursery environment. They have access to adult-led and child- led activities relating to our termly topic, our artist of the term, and each child’s individual next steps.

Our continuous provision and in the moment planning allows for two year olds to follow their natural curiosity and interests whilst adults play alongside to model language and scaffold their learning. 

Through play and exploration our two year olds learn social skills and friendships, language and understanding, and develop their gross  motor skills.  The children joining in Nursery songs and finger rhymes learn counting and numbers, and explore their early writing and literacy through stories and mark making!  

When children reach 3 they start to become more independent in their learning and our practitioners follow their lead to enhance their interests and introduce some adult led learning using in the moment planning and looking at next steps for development.

At three we begin to focus on fine motor control, using lots of sensory tools and exploration to enhance and develop these skills.

During the children’s last year at nursery we support the children to be as prepared for school as they can be!

The children begin to go to the lunch hall with the school children for their lunch, start P.E lessons once a week and would have already met and be familiar with the school staff and environment.

The children engage in adult led activities including phonics and begin to learn letter formation, subitising numbers, effortful control and how to express their emotions as well as being independent in their health and self-care! Alongside all of this the children’s interests and learning are scaffolded and built upon by the children’s key workers as they are given a range of open ended learning opportunities that are both adult and child led. By the time the last few weeks of summer come around the children have had lots of input letting them know what to expect from starting school, and leave us as happy, confident and imaginative children! 

As well as following the EYFS, we use Conerstones Mastero to help plan our topic of the term, this topic is then mirrored when the children start reception, however the knowledge, skills and intent are extended!

We have an artist of the term where the children learn different styles of art and what it means to be an Artist!

We also do daily mindfulness sessions, and teach Makaton with a ‘sign of the week’ and use the ‘ Little spot of colour’ for our emotional development.