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12th January 2024

Dear Parents and Carers,

What a really enjoyable start to the spring term. I have seen so many examples of brilliant work these past few days. I was delighted to have several children from Pippins visit me during the work to show me their work. They were so proud and spoke so well. It was an absolute delight to see how excited they were to visit my office.

The forecast is suggesting we could have some snow next week. If this is the case, please can I ask parents to continue to check our website and Parent Mail notifications. The decision on closing a school for adverse weather includes factors such as staffing and safety. If there is a need to close, we will endeavour to make an early decision.

Have a smashing weekend everyone.

Mark Braund

Mobile Phones

I appreciate this is very rare, but please can all parents and carers ensure they are not on a mobile phone when dropping off and picking up the children at North Town. We just want to ensure that teachers and staff have an opportunity to speak to parents and carers and this can be tricky when someone is on a call. We fully understand that there are times when there is an emergency and you will need to take a call.

Cold Weather

It certainly has been a cold week! Please can all children come to school wearing a named coat. We like the children to be outside at playtime and lunchtime but need them to have suitable clothing to keep them warm.

School Gates

Just a reminder that the school gates close at 8:50am. Please ensure you take your child to the school office if you arrive after this time.

Please be aware that the front gate now closes and locks at 3:30pm, this is for the safety and security of our children still on site in the nursery, wraparound or an after-school club. Therefore, parents are not able to get into the school after this time. If you are collecting your child from an after-school club, we are asking that you wait outside the gate and the adult running the club will let you in at the correct time. The children will be walked down to the Key Stage 1 playground and dismissed from there. Please can we ask that you do not press the nursery buzzer or wraparound to let you on the school site.

Thank you for your cooperation in keeping our site safe.

Parent Information Box

In the box this week is some basic information about Emotion Coaching Parenting. Please take one. The box is on the wall outside the main Office.  Year 1 & 2 parents – don’t forget to sign up for our Emotion Coaching parenting course beginning after the Half Term holiday – see details on Parentmail.


Class Dojo

We are absolutely thrilled with the transition to Class Dojo. Thank you to all the parents and carers who have signed up to this. It is really important to have 100% sign up so that you are able to engage with what each class is up to throughout the school year. Please can all parents that are signed up take the time to check the posts as the teachers will be giving regular updates.

My Child At School (MCAS)

Please can everyone download the My Child At School (MCAS) app and register.  We will be moving away from ParentMail and everything will be done through the MCAS app.  As you are aware wraparound and parent’s evening bookings are already done through MCAS.  The next thing to move across will be lunch ordering and paying for trips, we ask that you have sign up by Monday 22nd January 2024 to ensure that you are able to do these things.  If you need any assistance with signing up to MCAS please contact the school office who will be happy to help you.


Please can we remind you that children should only be bringing fruit or vegetables for their snack time.

Academic Year 2024/25

Next week we will be attaching a PDF of the school dates and holiday for the 2024/25 academic year. Below is a list of the key dates.

The key dates are:

Tuesday 3rd September 2024 – INSET day

Wednesday 4th September 2024– INSET day

Thursday 5th September 2024 – Start of Autumn Term 1

Friday 25th October 2024 – End of Autumn Term 1

Monday 4th November 2024 – Start of Autumn Term 2

Friday 20th December 2024 – End of Autumn Term 2

Monday 6th January 2025 – INSET day

Tuesday 7th January 2025 – Start of Spring Term 1

Friday 14th February 2025 – End of Spring Term 1

Monday 24th February 2025 – Start of Spring Term 2

Thursday 3rd April 2025 – End of Spring Term 2

Friday 4th April 2025 – INSET day

Tuesday 22nd April 2025 – Start of Summer Term 1

Monday 5th May 2025 – Bank Holiday

Friday 23rd May 2025 – End of Summer Term 1

Monday 2nd June 2025 – INSET day

Tuesday 3rd June 2025 – Start of Summer Term 2

Tuesday 22nd July 2025 – End of Summer Term 2

Wednesday 23rd July 2025 – INSET day