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North Town Nursery opened in September 2016 and is situated within the campus of North Town School. Being part of the school allows us to ensure all of our children are supported in preparation for starting school, as well as expanding the opportunities available to them.

We can take a maximum of 28 children per session and currently have 8 practitioners and an Admin/Finance Officer. Within our team we have a Designated Safeguarding Lead, as well as 2 Deputy Designated Safeguarding Leads and a Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Coordinator (SENDCO). 

Our age range is from 2 years up to 5 years and each child is allocated their own keyworker when they join us.

The Nursery is open plan, which enables us to support a variety of developmental stages and incorporate them into focused adult led activities as well as independant child led learning. This structure enables the children to continuously learn from, and support each other, regardless of age and stage.

Our outdoor envrionment was redesigned in the summer of 2018, and this has allowed us to incorporate not only physical development opportunities, but also provide resources including an outdoor kitchen area, a covered sand pit, a playhouse, a reading corner, and various opportunities to develop pre-writing and early numeracy. The well thought out space allows the children access to a focused child led provision, whilst allowing the practitioners the opportunities to play alongside, as well as incorporating focused learning opportunities.

Indoors, our environment mirrors that of the outdoors, with planning carefully chosen to ensure children have the opportunities to achieve their own goals. We have an interactive smart screen which allows focused online learning to take place using various apps and programmes, as well as sensory trays, “small world”, construction and creative areas, a home corner and a snug area for small group work or to relax and spend time with friends.