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One of the most important things you can do to help your child to learn and do well at school is to read with them at home. As a parent, you have a very important role to play in helping your child to develop a love and enthusiasm for reading and supporting them to practise and consolidate the phonics skills taught in school.  

Why is reading with your child so important?

  • Parents who engage their children in books prepare them to become committed and enthusiastic readers: they can transform their attitudes to reading.
  • Children learn to focus and share the enjoyment of the story; they learn how stories start and finish, and how a plot unravels and is resolved.
  • Reading a range of stories and non-fiction texts
  • Helps children learn new vocabulary.
  • Gives children opportunities to develop their speaking and listening skills.
  • Enables children to talk about stories and share their ideas about what has been read.
  • Gives children the skills they need to understand other areas of the school curriculum such as maths and science.
  • Develops children’s understanding of the world around them and other people.

How can you help at home?  

There are many ways you can assist your child’s learning outside of school. Below you can find a selection of resources to help you support your child to practise their phonics skills at home.