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Admissions Policy 2022-2023

 Anti-Bullying Policy 2022-2023

Attendance Policy October 2018

RHT Articles of Association

Relationship Based Positive Behaviour Policy

Behaviour Principles Statement

Bullying and Harassment Policy October 2018

Charging Remissions Policy 2022

Child Sexual Abuse CSA Trauma Informed Policy January 2019

RHT Code of Conduct 2022

Collection of Children Policy January 2020

Complaints Policy and Procedure

RHT Conflicts of Interests Policy

RHT  Data Protection Policy May 2019

EAL Policy March 2021

Early Years Foundation Stage Policy 2023

eSafety Policy March 2021

NTPS Exclusion Policy 2022

RHT Equality and Diversity Policy 2023

RHT Freedom of Information Policy May 2019

RHT Health and Safety Policy 2023

Home School Agreement

National Standards of Excellence for Headteachers

PSHE-RSE Policy May 2022

Pupil Images Policy September 2020

Medical Conditions Policy September 2022

RHT Acceptable Use Policy 2023

RHT Publication Scheme

Regular External Visits Information Form

RHT Safeguarding Child Protection Policy 2023

RHT Safer Recruitment Policy and Procedure September 2023

Special Educational Needs and Disability Policy September 2023 – 2024

Staff Acceptable Use Policy September 2016

RHT Whistleblowing Policy 2022