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School Meals




School meals at North Town Primary School are provided by our own in house kitchen team who offer offer a wide range of delicious, freshly cooked meals every day.

If your child has any special dietary requirements, please speak to one of the office team.

Children in Key Stage One are entitled to a free school meal and we very much recommend this. The cost for a meal for Key Stage Two children is £2.80.


The school menu is a three week cycle of meals. For any new parents, a ‘how to guide’ is further down this page. Please ensure you order meals for every week your child will require them as we will be unable to add orders once the menu has been closed.

We recommend making a note or taking a screen shot of the selections made for your child as you will be unable to view these once the menu is closed and it is not a straight forward task for the office to check meal orders for you . This menu will be available for orders until the Monday before the meals are freshly cooked.

Some of the menu will have “may contain” These ingredients are not in the meal itself but are put on packaging from the supplier /manufacture because of the environment they have been produced/packed in.

Christmas Dinner Day comments from parents


What a great job they do daily for the children. keep up the hard work north town catering team!

My two are very excited for this, highlight of the culinary   year they say, so well done team and thank you.

Little one is very much looking forward to a Christmas  dinner today. Great job and thank you.

My son often says how lovely the lunch has been. He’s come to school today very excited about the Christmas lunch.  Thank you for making sure the children are always so well catered for.

My son also really loves the school dinners! Thank you so  much! X

My son loves your food and your friendliness, thank you all.

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