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Wednesday 7th September 2022

Dear parents and carers, 

I hope everyone is well and that you all had a great summer! It has been brilliant seeing all the children and families and hearing about your summer. We have had some visits from our Year Six children from last year and they are enjoying their new schools. 

I just wanted to update you on some matters regarding plans for the school. Mr Kerton will be communicating with all parents over the next few weeks and months about our plans to take over the management of the school wraparound care. We are extremely grateful to Gemma Connah and her team for managing Tawnies these past 16 years. Gemma will continue to manage our wraparound provision until Easter 2023. We have already doubled the size of our wraparound room and plan to offer spaces to all that require to use the provision. Mr Kerton will be managing the project and will keep you updated. 

We will also be welcoming parents and carers to a tea and coffee morning every Wednesday from Wednesday 14th September between 9am and 10am. We recognise that the past few years have been a challenge for communities as we have come through COVID. This is an opportunity just to stop and have a drink and meet and chat with other parents. This will be held in the meeting room (next to the main hall). Mrs Screech will be writing to you all with more information. 

Thank you for your support and understanding with the drop off times – it is really important that we stick to these times. Here is a reminder of the times: 

8:30am – KS1 children (age 4 to 7) – Golden Pippins, New Rock Pippins, Court Royal, Kingston Black, Royal Russets and Golden Russets. 

8:40am – KS1 children and their KS2 siblings. 

8:45am – KS2 children (7-11 year olds) 

The gate closes at 8:50.  

It has been brought to our attention that there was a long queue for KS2 children this morning that went out on to the pavement of the main road. From tomorrow we will inviting KS2 children (who are waiting without a parent) onto the school premises to wait alongside the fence by the school house. 

The end of the school day is: 

3:00pm – KS1 children (age 4 to 7) – Golden Pippins, New Rock Pippins, Court Royal, Kingston Black, Royal Russets and Golden Russets. 

3:10am – KS1 children and their KS2 siblings. 

3:15am – KS2 children (7-11 year olds) 


We will be having a brand new school website going live in the coming days. We hope you like it and that you find it informative. We have included google translate and have put much information directly on web pages (not pdf or word documents) so that they can be translated to support the families at North Town who have English as an additional language. Please do take the time to visit our website and familiarise yourself with the key areas. We will gradually be uploading videos that we believe will inform you of important information about the school. We currently have a video of our very own Mr Kerton on our homepage which celebrates the curriculum we offer at North Town.


Enjoy the rest of the week and the school year ahead.


Best wishes,


Mark Braund