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Sport at North Town

At North Town, we are proud to offer a wide range of sporting opportunities. We run a variety of sporting after-school clubs for all ages. Football, Gymnastics, Netball, Hockey, Cricket and Multi-Sports are offered throughout the year. To add to this, we attend as many SASP Central Venue League (CVL) fixtures as possible, which are run either as ‘We Can’, ‘Friendly Fun’, or ‘Competitive’ events, which help cater to all experience and ability levels. These sporting opportunities are key to allowing children experience sport in the best way, and can be a great way to find a passion for a sport a child may want to take further. Whilst the focus for these events is more on upper KS2, being a part of the Richard Huish Trust also allows us collaborate with other schools in the trust to have more ownership of some events, meaning we can create chances for more ages. Another positive of this is we can create a tailored experience of sporting events, suited to exactly what we want and need, so there will always be a fun and safe opportunity to represent the school if a child wants to.


Another opportunity your child will have in sport is through our Intra-School Competition. Every child in KS2 will represent their house to compete in different sports. Through our ability-banded approach to Intra Sport, all children to have the chance to compete a level suitable to them, where they can feel challenged without excessive pressure.