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Vision and Values




Our School and Nursery Vision for 2026 


North Town Primary School and Nursery is a fun and friendly, multi-cultural and inclusive school. All children receive an excellent education and are proud of their school.

Our ethos allows children to become confident, successful learners in a welcoming, engaging, safe and holistic environment. Children have an excellent learning attitude and are resilient, well-rounded citizens who contribute to all aspects of school life.

Positive relationships are valued across the school community. We believe this should be supportive, trusting, nurturing, open and built on mutual respect where adults lead by example in line with the ethos of the school.

  • We promote a broad, balanced and inspiring curriculum that is ambitious for all children. We encourage everyone to develop a lifelong love of learning which provides the opportunity for new experiences and promotes links with our local and global communities.
  • Purposeful opportunities are provided for all staff to develop professionally.  Training and development are linked to the School Improvement Plan and is valued and prioritised. It promotes the sharing of good practice with other schools in the trust and beyond.
  • All members of our school community are valued and work effectively in a positive environment. Work life balance and well-being are placed at the centre of everything that we do.

Created by the school community at North Town – September 2022

Trust Values