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A Little Spot of Emotions

Little Spot of Emotions provides thought-provoking lessons, discussions and activities that help the children to identify their emotions. Children will learn how to handle overwhelming feelings, develop a positive self-image, and learn how to improve social and emotional skills needed to show empathy, compassion, and kindness. Children will learn managing techniques as well as copying strategies to regulate big emotions.

Social- emotional learning (SEL) refers to the development of self-awareness, self-control, self-regulation, social skills and responsible decision making, all of which are essential for school and life successes.

Children will understand that we all experience feelings and emotions every day. Learning when and why they show up can help them make friends, stay safe, motivate them, give them confidence and so much more.

The use of spots is easy for the children to visualise and if the children can visualise their feelings and emotions as a thing it will be easier for them to manage.

Throughout our school A Little Spot of Emotion will be displayed in each classroom and referred to throughout the school day through books and visual representation.