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Subject Intent

At North Town Primary School and Nursery, our Science curriculum aims to support children in acquiring the necessary skills and characteristics of effective scientists. We aim for all children to develop substantive knowledge through biology, chemistry and physics, as well as the disciplinary knowledge by developing their understanding on how scientific theories are generated and grow.
We strive to develop scientists who have a drive to explore science on a wider scale, not only taking part in classroom experiments but utilising local facilities to best enhance their scientific understanding (including Longrun Meadow, French Weir). Through a consistent approach in our teaching and learning, we will support children in their science by:

– Developing a passion and drive to explore science to its fullest alongside foundation subjects.

– Having the opportunity to design and lead their own science investigations

– Taking part in regular science lessons that focus on investigative and experimental activities.

– Learning and using the vocabulary where applicable to the topic to enhance their understanding

– Exploring and nurturing the children’s innate curiosity through investigative and experimental learning.

– Developing their working scientifically and their enquiry skills during science lessons.

– Asking relevant and thought provoking questions to help develop their understanding of scientific concepts and make sense of the world around them.

– Having opportunities to showcase their science understanding and knowledge to the wider community.